Constant Pitch Auger

4 axes milling auger 90242
4 axes milling auger 90650

Variable Pitch Auger

4 axes milling auger 90240
4 axes milling spline 90240

6 Flat Insert

Centrifuge Insert

Slotted Insert

insert aluminum machining
insert aluminum machining 90670
insert aluminum cnc machining
insert aluminum machining 90601

T Bar Insert

aluminum cnc machining service 90201
minum cnc machining service 90247

Insert With Tapered Holes 

4 axes machining
4 axes cnc machining

Cube Rotor 

cnc machining rotor
cnc machining rotor 90670
15in rotor cnc milled
15in rotor cnc turn

Bowl Rotor

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