Welding Services

Quality Weldments Done Right the First Time

At GHT, our eye for detail and skill in working with various welding processes and metals enables us to produce first-rate weldments for your job, the first time and every time.

GHT’s welding department uses the following processes in its welding services:

Tig Welding Services (GTAW or Heliarc)
Mig Welding Services (GMAW)
Stick Welding Services (SMAW)

If not already specified on your drawings, our welding know-how and experience enables us to choose the right process for your job. For example:

Tig welding services:

Would be used to weld miniature parts where cosmetics are important.

Mig welding services or Stick welding services:

Would be used for welding of thick parts.

Stick welding services, with the appropriate electrode:

Would be used to join pipes that are required to withstand the extremely high pressure of hydraulic fluid or compressed natural gas.

A variety of tools in our welding services area, such as a turning table, assist us in producing consistently high-quality weldments.

Metal Welding Services

We offer aluminum, steel and stainless steel welding services. We also weld on titanium and an assortment of other alloys.


AWS D17.1 Certified Welder

Our welding services department is manned by skilled, conscientious welders who take great pride intheir work. Additionally, our welding services are supervised by an AWS D17.1 certified welder to ensure your weldments conform to your drawings as well as industry standards of quality and reliability.

Whether you need welding services, metal fabrication services or CNC machine shop services, GHT can assist.

Competitive Pricing

GHT provides certified welding services at affordable rates. We also offer highly competitive rates on our CNC machine shop services and metal fabrication services. Call us for a free quote.

On-Time Delivery

With GHT, you can depend on on-time delivery of your welding services, as well as your CNC machine shop services or metal fabrication services.

Additional Services: GHT also offers the following services:

Machining Services: 
        As a CNC machine shop, we offer CNC and manual machining services to meet both your needs of high-volume part production or prototype and tooling.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Services:
         To complement our CNC machine shop, we also provide sheet metal fabrication services, including cutting, bending, forming, rolling, and welding and assembly, which enable us to finish your job. Whatever your metal fabrication services’ needs, GHT can assist.

Fabrication services:
        With GHT, there is no need to deal with multiple vendors to complete your job. Our value-added metal fabrication services include a variety of processes such as cutting, bending and assembly for all types of fabrications and metals.

Call GHT for a Free Quote Today
Call GHT, a CNC machine shop, today at (562) 906-2400 for a free quote for our welding services and, as needed, machining services and metal fabrication services.

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