Precision Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Competence, Experience and Strict Attention to Detail

GHT’s sheet metal fabrication services enable us to take your job from design to high-quality finished parts and components with little to no need to work with other shops. We are equipped to deliver orders of all sizes, from high-volume parts to prototypes.

Laser Cutting, Bending, Forming and More

Our value-added sheet metal fabrication services include:

☑ Bending
☑ Forming
☑ Laser-Cutting
☑ Welding
☑ Rolling
☑ Assembly
We produce sheet metal fabrications of all types and sizes including boxes and electrical enclosures.

Inspections and Testing

Whether you use our machining services, welding services or sheet metal fabrication services, GHT inspects all of your custom parts to ensure that every part adheres to your drawings and specifications.

An Experienced, Professional Team

From welding services to machining services to sheet metal fabrication services, GHT’s employs only qualified machinists, welders and fabricators who are dedicated to producing top-quality custom parts.

Affordable Prices

     As a CNC machine shop, we can provide highly competitive rates on our sheet metal      fabrication services. We also have very competitive pricing for our machining      services and welding services. Call us for a free quote.

Prompt Delivery

With GHT, you can rely on on-time delivery of your sheet metal fabrication services, as well as any other CNC machine shop services or welding services.

Additional Services: GHT also offers the following services:

Machining Services: 
         As a CNC machine shop, we offer CNC and manual machining services to meet both your needs of high-volume part production or prototype and tooling.

Welding Services:
         Included in our CNC machine shop services are welding services using Mig, Tig and Stick processes, on a variety of metals such as steel, aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and more.

Fabrication services:
        With GHT, there is no need to deal with multiple vendors to complete your job. Our value-added metal fabrication services include a variety of processes such as cutting, bending and assembly for all types of fabrications and metals.

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