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GHT Industrial Machining and Welding Co. Inc. was established in 1993. GHT has based its work on Engineering and Machining tasks along with highly skilled metal welding. Our qualified and experienced staff members operate at a high level of excellence and pride. That allows our company to provide top quality services and creative designs at competitive prices. GHT is also continually updating all quality control standards and products to meet the industries ever changing requirements and to produce excellence in manufacturing capabilities. GHT is best known for our personal attention in servicing our customers, by providing solution to their business needs and concerns.

To double our capacity, quality and productivity annually. Listen and learn from our customers and provide them with exactly what they need, while still maintaining our leadership role. To evaluate and incorporate the latest technology in order to improve quality and productivity. To rejoice with our family and friends, the fruits of success and teamwork.

We believe in demonstrating the highest level of business ethics. We do this by conducting our business with uncompromising principles and professionalism.

Customer Focus
We believe in putting the customer first. We do this by listening to our customers, delivering quality products and services.

Employee Involvement
We believe in the power of individuals and teams to make a difference. We support this by fostering open communication, providing opportunities for professional and personal development, recognizing contribution and initiative, and treating each other with respect.

We believe in providing value for our customers. We do this by advancing in new technologies, ideas, and continuing to set the highest standards in our manufacturing processes.

Accountability and Results
We believe in setting goals and achieving results that support our corporate objectives. We do this by taking ownership of our work, meeting our commitments and practicing continuous improvement.